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Reaching the souls of the Alaska-Yukon

It is just as exciting as it is challenging. The highly postmodern mindset in the Far North provides the perfect opportunity for reaching people who are seeking authentic truth and true spirituality. This climate of searching hearts and minds is an open door for Biblical truth and the undeniable, unexplainable power of the God. The challenge lies in the enormous size of the district; 959,734 square miles, with many communities only accessible by boat or plane. 

It is this blend of opportunity and challenge that the Alaska-Yukon district is expanding its reach through relevant ministries, meeting today's needs with ancient, timeless truth.

Men’s Ministry

It takes men of God to be strong leaders within their homes, churches, and communities- this is the purpose of Men’s Ministry. Providing resources to the men of the Alaska-Yukon District to become what God has destined them to be. The annual Men’s Retreat has been a powerful motivator and a spirit-filled event. We are focused on providing a strong platform of support to the men of the Great Northwest! 

For more information regarding the Men’s Ministry of the AKYT, please contact:

Lorin Bradbury

Women’s Ministry

It was once said that it takes an extraordinary woman to live in the North. This may be why the district is filled with amazing women of all ages and backgrounds. To connect with these women, the Women’s Ministry offers a Women’s Retreat every year. 

For more information regarding the Womens Ministry of the AKYT, please contact:

Cathy Bagwill

Youth Ministry

Connecting with the amazing youth of the north, the AKYT district coordinates seasonal events in each region of the state. In addition, the Winter Youth Retreat and the Summer Youth Camp offer an opportunity for all district youth to join together for an incredible time of relevant teaching, spiritual explosion, and outrageous fun. 

For more information regarding the Youth of the AKYT visit our website or contact: 

- James Mullikin

Children’s Ministry

Creating a haven for the children in the district is the primary goal of the AKYT Sunday School. Through the Bible Quizzing Events and a Summer Children’s Camp, in addition to providing teachers with resources, training, and support, the Sunday School department is working to create a strong foundation for the future of Alaska. 

For more information regarding Sunday School in the AKYT, please contact

Don Thibedeau

Prayer Ministry

Providing a covering for those laboring in the field, the Prayer Ministry works diligently to communicate immediate needs and provide updates to the far corners of the district. Monthly Prayer Schedules and lists of requests ensure that all members of the district are connected in this amazing network. 

For more information regarding Prayer Ministry in the AKYT, please contact: 

Robert Bagwill

North American Missions

Recognizing the need for an Apostolic presence within every city, town, and village, the North American Missions department strives to provide leaders with the tools and support necessary to reach their mission field. Multicultural Ministries is one of these tools that helps us to connect with the many language and culture groups represented within our great District. 

For more information regarding North American Missions of the AKYT, please contact: 

- Jim Blackshear

Spanish Ministry

The Spanish Ministry is a new outreach area for the district. We are looking forward to great things for the Alaska-Yukon District. 

For more information regarding Spanish Ministry of the AKYT, please contact:

Sergio Esparza